Security Enclosure

Security Enclosure for PAX1800 series WiFi Access Points
Tailored specifically for Plasma Cloud PAX1800 Series WiFi Access Points, this protective housing enhances device safety while ensuring transparency to WiFi signals. Perfect for public spaces such as offices, hotels, classrooms, retail locations, etc. where keeping WiFi equipment secure and organized is essential. Best suited for indoor environments.

Security features
The ENC1800 Security Enclosure is equipped with a snap
mechanism to firmly attach the top and bottom covers. The housing
can be further secured using the designated screw holes. For extra protection, opt for security screws. Custom cable tie security seals can be attached to provide evidence of possible tampering.


Key features:

  • Security Enclosure for PAX1800 Series WiFi Access Points
  • Protects from damage and theft
  • Tamper-evident cable tie seal
  • Transparent to WiFi signals in all directions
  • Wall, junction box and pole mounting
  • Flexible keystone modules can be added for custom cabling solutions
  • White label for easy rebranding