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  • Per-device SSID assignment


    Assign SSIDs to all APs in a network or individual devices. Configure Guest SSIDs to provide internet access to clients while keeping them isolated from the corporate network. 

  • WiFi Scheduling


    Decide when a WiFi network shall be available. Turn SSIDs on or off according to your custom schedule and protect your network from unwanted access during off hours.

  • WiFi client throttling


    Limit the network throughput available to each WiFi client to manage network congestion or monetize high throughput consumption.

  • WiFi AI


    Let your WiFi Access Points be auto-configured in an optimal way, including auto-channel selection and wireless mesh management. The WiFi AI continuously monitors your wireless environment and updates your settings as needed.

  • WiFi QR code


    Utilize WiFi QR codes to save time and effort for both businesses and customers. Enjoy the convenience of a robust and secure password without the hassle of typing it! Place the QR code prominently on tables, walls, or even receipts for a state-of-the-art WiFi experience.

  • Splash page



    Use splash pages to promote offers, show disclaimers, terms & conditions and get customers engaged with your brand. Create compelling splash page designs with the easy-to-use Splash Page Editor.