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  • Layer 2 Topology


    Visualize how Switches and Access Points are wired together in your network. The Layer 2 topology automatically maps all devices (including non-Plasma Cloud equipment), offering a hierarchical, physical layout of device interconnections.

  • WiFi Radio Frequency Topology


    Get detailed, real-time information about nearby wireless networks. The RF topology is very helpful to optimize coverage and performance of networks, troubleshoot wireless interference issues and find rogue APs.

  • Mesh Topology


    Enable mesh to wirelessly share a single Internet connection among several Access Points. The mesh topology displays the paths individual Access Points take to reach the Internet with details on the path quality and number of hops.

  • Connected Devices


    Keeping track of where each Ethernet, SFP or USB port terminates is a daunting task, especially in remotely located networks. The connected device view of each port is always kept up-to-date, providing invaluable insight.