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  • Per-port settings


    Control Switch settings on a per-port basis. This includes turning links on and off, configuring speeds, setting throughput limits as well as configuring PoE and VLAN assignment.

  • VLAN management


    Experience a new way to manage and keep track of VLANs across all Switch ports. Thanks to the visual VLAN editor, assigning and unassigning VLANs is done with a few simple clicks.

  • PoE scheduling


    Turn devices on and off according to your custom schedule. This helps to save power when devices are not in use, and protect your network from attacks while the team is away.

  • Port mirroring


    Duplicate traffic on one port and send it to another using mirroring. This feature allows you to easily analyze traffic, monitor compliance, enforce policies, detect intrusions, and more.

  • Voice prioritization


    Voice prioritization guarantees voice packets a high speed lane even during peak network congestion. This boosts the reliability and quality of VoIP phone calls.

  • Link Aggregation



    Combine multiple wired connections into one logical link to boost throughput. Plasma Cloud's innovative cloud-assisted approach auto-manages Link Aggregation to avoid faulty configurations.