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  • Device Tables & Overview


    Leverage unified monitoring, reporting and troubleshooting over all cloud managed devices with connection details, status, usage info and much more. Ideal for everyday enterprises, branch offices, remote sites, schools, public venues and more.

  • Traffic Charts



    Get visual statistics for your entire network regarding traffic flow and the number of connected clients over time. Drill down into individual Access Points, Switches or WiFi Clients to identify peak loads, bottlenecks and improve user experience. 

  • Outage Charts


    Analyze historic and current network health with ease. Utilize the visibility outage charts provide to pinpoint issues, track trends, and take steps to improve network health. Each managed device records various types of outages for up to a month.

  • Alerts & Notifications


    Get notified whenever something unexpected happens in your network. Outage notifications ensure you stay informed about any network or device outages.

  • Permissions


    Granting team members access rights is essential in larger organizations where configuring, monitoring, and supporting networks often fall to different individuals. This ensures just the right amount of visibility and control for every job function.

  • Activity Log


    Record of all the changes that a network undergoes, down to the SSID, splash page and device level. Activity is chronologically logged to easily spot the evolution of the network and help identify notable changes.