In an era where brand identity plays a pivotal role in business success, Plasma Cloud is delighted to announce its rebranding options for the Plasma Cloud Console and beyond. In a bid to empower businesses with stronger brand identities, Plasma Cloud offers to seamlessly integrate their brand elements into its comprehensive suite of user-friendly products.

This article is the second in a series on white label solutions & rebranding. To learn more about white label, what it is and how it can benefit your business, please see this article.

What is a rebranded console?

A rebranded console uses an existing, fully developed cloud management dashboard and changes the branding elements to create a custom version. It involves selecting a custom domain name, brand name, logo and colors. All aspects of these brand elements can be easily updated and managed by the business.

Manage all your customer interactions with your own brand

We understand the importance of enhancing customer loyalty through brand recognition. That’s why Plasma Cloud products are 100% white label. From the moment of logging into the rebranded console, your brand will be the only brand your customers will see.

Give your customers access

Easily grant your customers access to your branded console with all the advantages of remote network management & monitoring. Your customers will get priceless insights from directly accessing the console all the while being exposed to your brand. A branded mobile app and branded notifications, informing your customers on your behalf, are included.

Looks good so you look good

Beautiful, intuitive and unbelievably easy to use platform – Rebranding the Plasma Cloud Console will give you a professional look that elevates your image.

New opportunities

Having a rebranded console can open up new markets and customer groups that require a high degree of data access as well as advanced network management features. This will open up more growth opportunities and give your customers another reason to stick with you.

Enjoy effortless setup

Everything is taken care of by Plasma Cloud:

✔️ effortless setup (no server, admin or know-how needed)

✔️ scalable cloud hosting

✔️ continuous new features

✔️ bug fixes & security management

✔️ much more

Launching your own rebranded cloud console is a breeze with Plasma Cloud. No coding or complex steps are required – just upload your brand logo, choose your colors and domain, and go! For more details on the specific requirements, please visit this article.

Interested in a Demo?

Get a taste of what a rebranded console could look like by exploring our demo, which can be found here.

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For information on the annual rebranding fee and additional support, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team. Your brand’s evolution starts here with Plasma Cloud.

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