As we say goodbye to 2023, it’s a great moment to contemplate the milestones and accomplishments of the past year. It’s been an eventful time, including: establishing our White Label partnership program, useful UI improvements, preparations for the imminent launch of our new WiFi 6E Access Point, the release of a new stable firmware version, and much more. Follow us on a visual tour through this year’s highlights!

See our top developments by scrolling through the images below (double click on slider images for full screen view):

White Label Partnership Program

Plasma Cloud’s White Label Partnership Program allows businesses to rebrand Plasma Cloud products and offer a 100% custom branded networking solution. It provides access to custom branded Access Points, Switches, a management Console and notifications, without any development effort. As a white label partner, you can take advantage of our expertise and build your service on top of a proven platform while enhancing your own brand exposure.

Plasma Cloud offers white label WiFi Access Points, PoE Switches and Cloud Console that can be easily rebranded.Plasma Cloud offers white label WiFi Access Points, PoE Switches and Cloud Console that can be easily rebranded.

White Labeling

Rebrand Plasma Cloud's hardware and software solutions

White Labeling

Boost visibility of your own brand and enhance customer loyalty

Rebrand the Plasma Cloud Console

Launch your own console with your custom domain, logo and colors!

Elevate your products to the next level with API access

Unlock your innovative potential and create totally new solutions!

Permission Management System 2.0

Visual appeal and intuitive design are central part of the permission management system 2.0. Benefits include easy permission assignment, changing or revoking access for a large number of users and networks, and more.

Permission Management

Grant, change or revoke access to your networks

Permission Management

Fine-tune which users shall receive notifications

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Jump from permissions to network settings page

Permission Management

Permission Management

Jump from network settings to permissions page

Permission Management

WiFi 6E – A new era for wireless networks

Anticipation has been building for the upcoming launch of the PAX5400, Plasma Cloud’s high-end WiFi 6E (802.11ax) Access Point. WiFi 6E support is the highlight of this tri-band device providing multi-gigabit WiFi (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and 6 GHz) for venues with superb capacity and bandwidth requirements.

WiFi 6E operates on a new frequency band, that is exclusively reserved for the latest WiFi standard: the super wide 6 GHz band. In preparation for this product launch, the Plasma Console has gained full 6 GHz support. It ensures that users will experience seamless management of the PAX5400, taking full advantage of the enhanced capabilities offered by WiFi 6E technology.

WiFi 6E Benefits

WiFi 6E available spectrum

Configure the 6 GHz WiFi radio

WiFi 6E support

WiFi 6E support

Enable or Disable the 6 GHz WiFi radio per SSID

WiFi 6E support

Use RF topology to scan on 6 GHz band

End of Support for Open Mesh Hardware

From 2019 onward, Plasma Cloud has enabled CloudTrax users to migrate CloudTrax networks over to the Plasma Cloud Console. This allowed customers to manage Open Mesh devices alongside Plasma Cloud hardware under a single pane of glass, benefit from technical support, security updates and new features for Open Mesh hardware at no additional cost.

This has created a viable solution for all those long standing Open Mesh customers that were looking for a replacement after Open Mesh changed from its free to a subscription-based model in 2018.

After 5 successful years, it is time to look forward. The number of migrations have dropped considerably and demand has shifted. New WiFi standards, higher throughput and powerful hardware developments propel WiFi forward. Consequently, new migrations of Open Mesh hardware to Plasma Cloud will no longer be possible by 2024.

Migrated Open Mesh devices can still be used and managed through the Plasma Cloud Console with the final supported firmware, but will no longer receive firmware updates, bug fixes and technical support.

Open Mesh compatible hardware

Migrated devices will continue to function after end of support date

Manage Open Mesh devices alongside Plasma Cloud

Open Mesh network import

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Open Mesh network import will end 12/31/2023

Open Mesh network import

Firmware 4.0 – New Stable Release

In early 2023, the beta version of firmware 4.0 has been released. During a nine months testing period, remaining issues were resolved and firmware 4.0 became the latest stable firmware version.

To jump on the bandwagon and enjoy all the latest features, configure your networks with firmware version 4.0! It will unlock the following features & benefits:

  • WiFi 6 mesh support
  • WiFi 6E (6GHz) support
  • 160MHz channel width support
  • WPA3 encryption (WPA2/WPA3 compatibility mode)
  • captive portal async RADIUS operations
  • Switch port isolation
  • Switch Ethernet cable diagnostics

Become a Plasma Cloud partner

If you’re new to the Plasma Cloud family, we invite you to explore our simple cloud management system for your entire network. From WiFi Access Points to PoE Switches, our affordable turnkey solutions are designed to meet the needs of busy professionals. We’ll get you started in no time with our smart software that’s designed to minimize setup effort. Contact us to get started.