Cloud managed networking has fundamentally revolutionized how we deploy, monitor and troubleshoot wired and wireless network infrastructure. This technology has allowed the WiFi as a service industry to grow at a rapid pace. However, WiFi as a Service businesses typically have to rely on third party branded hardware and software when offering their services.

Consequently, WiFi service customers are exposed to these third party brands instead of the service provider’s brand. This article explores how businesses can make their brand front and center through Plasma Clouds white label partnership program.

Benefits of using your own branding

Boost visibility of your own brand

Why settle for promoting third-party brands when you can advertise your own? Customers seeing your brand will associate your excellent service with your company; from the moment hardware is installed to when maintenance and troubleshooting services are provided.

Enhance customer loyalty through brand recognition

Third party brand exposure invites price comparisons between competitors installing the same brand, putting providers at risk of replacement or undercutting. Using custom-branded products avoids these pitfalls, fostering customer loyalty through brand recognition.

Rise above your competition

While competitors may rely on the same third-party hardware brands, having your unique brand distinguishes your business. This individuality provides a competitive edge by placing your business in a category of its own.

Having your branded cloud product certainly sounds like a great idea, but how do you get there in practice? That’s where white label comes into play.

What is white label and why use it?

A white label product is manufactured by one company and then packaged and sold by another under their brand name. Plasma Cloud is such a white label company, offering powerful rebrandable hardware and software solutions.

Sell your products and services on top of our proven platform – with your brand in the spotlight!

You run the business. We run the technology.

Do you provide WiFi as a service and want to establish your own brand? Are you seeking a cloud networking solution that doesn’t require any extra development effort? If so, rebranding Plasma Cloud is the ideal solution. We provide several rebranding options from easy to advanced based on business needs. Take advantage of our technological expertise and save time & resources focusing on your core business instead!

Plasma Cloud products

Our affordable turnkey solutions are designed to provide maximum user-friendliness and minimal setup effort. See our product line of white label WiFi Access Points and PoE Switches.

Become a white label partner

Contact us to discuss your needs and learn more about our white label partnership program. Join us in shaping the future of branded WiFi services. We look forward to hearing from you!