Do you want to switch off your devices when they are not needed to save energy and prevent network abuse? In the most convenient, automated fashion? If so, PoE scheduling might be just for you.

What is PoE & PoE Scheduling

If you are a network manager, you have probably heard of Power over Ethernet (PoE) before. It is an established technology that allows you to transmit data and power to a device through a single Ethernet cable. PoE offers great opportunities for improving energy efficiency while simplifying your network deployment and management. Powering devices through PoE Switches eliminates the need for electrical outlets and can save you cost on external power adapters. Moreover, it grants full and remote control over that power line. With PoE scheduling, you can configure when a PoE powered device will be turned on and off according to your custom schedule.

The Plasma Cloud console gives you the ability to manage your custom schedules in the most convenient way.

On the Plasma Cloud Console, you can easily assign your custom schedules to your PoE Switches through an interactive graphical interface.

The benefits of PoE scheduling

By default, PoE Switches continuously supply power to connected devices. By assigning a PoE schedule, you can easily control when your devices will be powered on and off according to your schedule. To top it all, this advanced power management is compatible with third party devices as well as Plasma Cloud products. Configuring the right PoE schedule for your network brings you the following benefits:

Reduced power consumption

Save energy & cost with a PoE schedule that does not provide power during off hours. This feature is interesting for any place that does not provide network services 24/7.


Are you a business that has already transitioned to VoIP phone on every office desk? PoE scheduling allows you to automatically turn off these devices after business hours to reduce your energy bill.


If you are a school providing WiFi to your students during the day, you can now easily switch off unused WiFi Access Points in the evenings and weekends.

Protect your network

Conveniently disable access to PoE powered devices to protect your network from attacks while the team is away.

Which devices can be powered by PoE?

There is a wide range of devices, such as VoIP phones, IP cameras, WiFi access points, Point-of-Sales Terminals, smart devices and many more.

Setting up PoE Scheduling in the Plasma Cloud Console

Set up your PoE schedule on the Plasma Cloud console in just a few clicks. After logging in into your account, it can be configured in the ‘PoE Scheduling’ tab of your Switch settings. The step-by-step configuration guide is available here.

After creating your custom schedule, you can easily assign it to the Ethernet ports on your PoE Switch through a graphical interface. A schedule icon will appear on the ports configured with a schedule.

Take control of your network with Plasma Cloud

If you’re new to the Plasma Cloud family, we invite you to explore our simple cloud management systems for your entire network. From WiFi access points to PoE Switches, our affordable turnkey solutions are designed to meet the needs of busy professionals. We’ll get you started in no time with our smart software that’s designed to minimize setup effort. Contact us to get started.