It’s time to take control of your network! This newest feature in the Plasma Cloud console gives you the ability to manage your network SSIDs like never before. With WiFi scheduling, you can tailor your network to fit your day-to-day schedule. Whether you’re managing WiFi at work or at home, per-SSID WiFi scheduling adds a new layer of security, flexibility and control. Because your WiFi should work for you, not the other way around.

What is WiFi scheduling?

WiFi scheduling allows you to configure when a WiFi network is available. This is accomplished by turning an SSID on or off according to your custom schedule.

There are many practical applications of WiFi scheduling. For instance, it can be used to set up parental controls, to ensure guest networks are only available during business hours, or to avoid malicious usage while a business is closed.

Can’t I just unplug my router?

Unplugging your router is one way to disable your WiFi, but it has one key downside compared to WiFi scheduling. When you unplug your router, you also lose access to your wired networks and all your WiFi SSIDs at the same time. That means that any device that utilizes a wired connection, such as a desktop computer, printers or file servers, won’t be able to connect to the Internet. In contrast, disabling an SSID with WiFi scheduling allows you to still use your wired connections even while your WiFi is turned off. Also, you can disable specific SSIDs like guest and public SSIDs or event related SSIDs, while other SSIDs remain operational.

The benefits of WiFi scheduling

WiFi scheduling is a useful feature that fits right in wherever you use WiFi.

Secure public WiFi networks

If you are providing WiFi in public spaces such as libraries, Internet cafes, etc., your WiFi network may be subject to abuse. Cyber criminals use hosts connected to the Internet to act as traffic sources, proxies or application servers for spam, phishing, or other criminal activities. Using public WiFi instead of their personal Internet connection allows criminals to hide their identity behind public IP addresses.

Keeping your WiFi active at all hours can leave you (and your important information) more vulnerable to attack. You can’t be everywhere at all times, and that’s where WiFi scheduling comes in.

The extra security granted by WiFi scheduling is useful in both home and business settings. For example, when the office or venue is closed, administrators can disable access to the WiFi to protect the network from attacks while the team is away.

Optimize school networks

In today’s world, school WiFi is simply a way of life. This has created a whole new set of challenges, and solutions, for managing student/employee access to internal WiFi networks. WiFi scheduling can address many of these challenges to make it easier for everyone to stay connected in an optimal fashion.

To prevent students from using the school WiFi to download movies or play video games, network administrators can use WiFi scheduling to disable the WiFi after school hours. Restricting WiFi access can also protect the network from harm like students inadvertently downloading malware or clicking on a spam email while connected to the school network.

Parental controls

WiFi scheduling is a handy feature for parents looking to control and limit the time their children spend online. You can schedule the WiFi to turn off during dinner, study hours, or at bedtime to keep the kids from scrolling on their devices long into the night.

Restrict traffic

For networks with data caps or bandwidth restrictions, WiFi scheduling can help cut down on unnecessary usage. Background processes and downloads on your devices continue even when you’re not using them. In other words, even when you’re not online, keeping your WiFi network enabled continues to use data. Scheduling your WiFi to turn off overnight can ensure that you can make the most of your limited data.

Reset and recharge

Sometimes it’s good to unplug. As we spend more time online than ever before, it’s even more important to reset and recharge. WiFi scheduling makes it easy to schedule “device-free time” and resist the temptation to get online. You’ll enjoy the time offline and the fact that your WiFi can easily be re-enabled when you need it.

Setting up WiFi Scheduling in the Plasma Cloud Console

WiFi Scheduling is a powerful feature, but configuring it in the Plasma Cloud Console is simple and user-friendly. You can create and tweak WiFi schedules in your SSID settings. Just follow a few easy steps as described in this kb article.

Take control of your network with Plasma Cloud

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