Our marketplace has expanded once again. It now includes a whole new category of services: security and content control through DNS filtering. Add another level of protection to all users in your network with a few simple clicks and enjoy cloud-based web content filtering. This type of service relies on using the Domain Name System to block malicious websites and inappropriate content. It ensures that users in your network can enjoy superior protection by relying on expertly designed filters. You also have the option to customize filters and define which content is unacceptable.

The benefits of such services are truly universal. From businesses & nonprofits, education & libraries, software & hardware vendors to families seeking parental controls at home; DNS filtering is able to grant that extra layer of safety.

In our latest addition, SafeDNS is carrying the WiFi revolution to the next level thanks to the conjunction of their high-quality content filtering service and our unique marketplace.

Plasma Cloud and SafeDNS set a new standard

SafeDNS and Plasma Cloud bring users a new level of a secure cloud environment. Thanks to this powerful integration, customers get a truly convenient and secure cloud space. Plasma Cloud WiFi solutions allow you to set up a guest WiFi or office network for any request. Complemented by SafeDNS, guaranteeing high-quality content filtering, protection against phishing and data leakage.

WiFi, whether used in a public space or an office, needs to be secure for customers” says Alexander Biushkin, VP of sales at SafeDNS. “That’s why we have teamed up with Plasma Cloud to provide customers with a high level of service and a secure Internet environment.”

You can configure content filtering from SafeDNS in just a few clicks, while it is possible to use a role model to fine-tune the solution for different needs. And with the help of detailed reports, you can always find out what risks were reflected this month and what unsafe resources your users tried to visit.

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