It’s time to manage and monitor your network more efficiently.
It’s time to join the cloud revolution. Choose cloud-managed networking. 

Cloud adoption levels have dramatically accelerated in the last two years. As of today, 92% of SMEs and large enterprises rely, at least partly, on cloud-based applications for many critical services. The 2020 IDG Cloud Computing Survey predicts that this number will grow even further reaching 95% in the next 18 months. With cloud technology finally establishing its permanent primacy in the IT environment, cloud-managed networking is also becoming the new normal. Here’s why.

Why cloud-managed networking?

Cloud-managed networking refers to the ability to manage your network infrastructure remotely through a web based application. By eliminating the need to purchase, configure and maintain on-premise controllers and appliances, companies can save money and time which allows them to focus on their core business instead. Find out below why cloud-managed networking is critical for your business’ success, and how Plasma Cloud can help you reach your goals.

Work from anywhere, at any time

The covid-19 pandemic has forced a large part of the world population to be at home. Working remotely has become more and more common. Cloud-managed networking with Plasma Cloud is the perfect home office solution since it allows anyone to remotely manage and monitor networks from anywhere, at any time. You can easily perform configuration changes and troubleshooting from a personal laptop, or even from a tablet or mobile phone. There is no need to spend countless hours travelling from one location to another, cutting both costs and response times.

Flexibility at its best

Cloud-based networking is ideal for growing businesses, as it enables you to easily scale up your network within minutes. Scaling down is just as simple, as everything is managed under a single pane of glass. Whether you want to bring the Internet to a single school, a dwelling complex or a huge hotel chain – choose cloud-managed networking with Plasma Cloud as the way to go.

Automatic updates and bug fixes

Software updates are conveniently installed “over-the-air” allowing new features and bug fixes to be deployed automatically across all your networks. By doing this, the vendor takes care of the general maintenance of your hardware, future-proofing your investment and allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business – a recipe for success.

Learn more about firmware upgrades in Plasma Cloud.

Ease of setup and management

Cloud-managed networking equipment is designed to be a “plug & play” solution. This hardware works seamlessly without the need to manually adjust any parameter beforehand. Naturally, more advanced users can still manually configure and manage their devices to cater to very specific scenarios. Anyone can easily perform the needed managing, monitoring and troubleshooting through an easy to use graphical interface. Your vendor capable hands will then take care of the underlying system complexity.

Learn more about the simple management and monitoring of PoE Switches in Plasma Cloud.


In today’s digitally connected world mobile devices (e.g., laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart watches, etc.) are everywhere and allow attacks from inside and outside your network to constantly expose your network equipment. New vulnerabilities in software and network protocols are being discovered and exploited on an ongoing basis. The only way to protect your infrastructure without risking disruptions to your business is choosing a trusted cloud-managed networking vendor promptly delivering the latest security updates.

Why choose Plasma Cloud?

Plasma Cloud offers a cloud-managed smart and affordable turnkey solution to cover all your needs in and around your network

Free cloud-managed networking

Cloud-managed networking solutions usually come with monthly subscription fees which can easily inflict substantial cost on your business. While there are different service plans available in the market to match your requirements, they still require you to make monthly payments for base features. Plasma Cloud goes beyond that.

A free fully customizable cloud-based management platform comes automatically with the purchase of each Plasma Cloud’s WiFi Access Point and PoE Switch. There is no need to go through complex subscription processes, nor spend hours deciding which cloud plan works best for this or that network. We have designed Plasma Cloud to save your time and resources, becoming the true “plug & play” solution for all your networks. In addition, you can conveniently manage all your networks through an easy to use graphical user interface.

Learn more about the Plasma Cloud console and explore the power and simplicity of our cloud management.

Over-the-air optimization

WiFi needs to be reliable, resilient, always available, and your users expect no less. Expert installers know how difficult it can be to troubleshoot a network as to deliver the outstanding WiFi connection users desire. Plasma Cloud developed a set of mechanisms that automatically configure your WiFi settings in an optimal way: WiFi AI. This optimization is done over-the-air, without the need for any intervention, and ensures your networks deliver great performance and stability.

Learn more about Plasma Cloud’s WiFi AI.

One hundred percent effortless configuration

Plasma Cloud’s technology team has built the fastest and most scalable network management cloud system allowing you to effortlessly deploy, scale and manage your devices and networks from anywhere at any time. We have engineered to be so simple that there will be no need to hire any cloud specific roles to your team nor to spend countless hours configuring your network. Keep saving even more time and resources with Plasma Cloud. 

Learn more about enhanced troubleshooting made easy in Plasma Cloud.

Premium enterprise-level features

Plasma Cloud recently introduced its marketplace, a novel “service store in the cloud”. It offers a wide range of enterprise-level features from third party providers at a cost-effective price. By subscribing to a third party offering, you can easily extend the functionality of your devices and cater towards use cases you haven’t yet imagined.

Thanks to Plasma Cloud’s cloud-managed networking, everyone can finally access advanced features and enterprise-class technology. Even SMBs with scarce resources can now take advantage of the cloud to become strongly competitive in their market.

Learn more about Plasma Cloud’s marketplace and explore the unmatched possibilities and flexibility this platform can offer you.

Trusted team and future-proof hardware

Plasma Cloud’s core team is staffed by former Open Mesh engineers. Some of them worked with Open Mesh since the very early days, but decided to leave the company during the time of the Datto acquisition. Over the last year, the common effort and desire of this team allowed many disappointed Open Mesh customers to future-proof their initial hardware investment.

Plasma Cloud gives continuity to the original Open Mesh mission: providing free cloud-managed networking. It is compatible with most Open Mesh hardware, which can easily be migrated to the Plasma Cloud console. If you are a former Open Mesh customer, you will be happy to know you do not have to pay the cloud licensing fees introduced by Datto. Stick to the original business model you got used to and migrate to Plasma Cloud.

Learn more about using your Open Mesh hardware with Plasma Cloud.

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