The release of our marketplace in January this year started a whole new era. Service providers can now join forces, easily offer their products to all Plasma Cloud users and greatly increase their customer reach. Users can finally enjoy a large array of services that would otherwise not be available at once. It’s hassle-free, it’s fast, it’s empowerment through cloud computing at its best.

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To keep you updated about what’s new on our marketplace, we have decided to release a monthly summary showing all recent service additions. Make sure you stay tuned to receive all the latest news!

This month, Fydelia is carrying the WiFi revolution to the next level thanks to the conjunction of their guest WiFi service and our unique marketplace.

Fydelia Splash – Plasma Cloud and Fydelia set a new standard

With Plasma Cloud’s marketplace integration, provision of guest WiFi via Fydelia can be done in an instant. Plasma Cloud will set up your Fydelia account and even create a fully functional splash page at the click of a button.

“Our mission has always been to simplify the whole process of Guest WiFi provisioning”, writes Steve Parkinson, Fydelia’s CEO and founder, “and Plasma Cloud’s unique marketplace has potentially changed the way the industry works”.

Social WiFi and form login pages can be easily edited by your marketing team, with its easy to use WordPress-based page editor, for bars, restaurants, hotels and entertainment venues. Choose from a wide range of interface widgets, features and marketing platform integrations, such as TalkBox and MailChimp, with up to 75% opt-in rates.

Vouchers are included for free, allowing you to monetize your Guest WiFi.

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Whether you are a service provider or a Plasma Cloud user, you can easily learn more about our marketplace in this article.

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