It is no secret that language plays a vital role in our lives. We use it everyday to express ourselves and interact with the world around us. Language is the foundation of communication among humans, allowing us to connect and share knowledge. Our entire team is committed to providing you with the comfort and ease of communication that speaking your mother tongue brings.

Plasma Cloud and its very diverse and international user base need a common language to be able to effectively communicate. We want our console to be clear and simple to everybody, regardless of ethnicity or nationality. This is why we aim to offer our services in as many languages as possible. We want to speak to you in your own language. Because your experience matters to us. 

Multi-language support on the Plasma Cloud console has already been announced in our social media channels in January alongside the release of our second language, Italian. The latest console release adds to this, with three new translations now available: Swedish, Greek and German.

A special “Thank you!” goes to Layer8, Livegrid and MeshTech, our trusted distributors who contributed to these translations. Thank you for helping to bridge the language barrier and making Plasma Cloud accessible to a wider audience!

We are now looking forward to adding even more translations to the Plasma Cloud console. If you are a Plasma Cloud distributor and you wish to contribute as well, please contact us and let us know

Not sure how to switch language in the Plasma Cloud console? Learn how by following this guide.