WiFi needs to be reliable, resilient, always available, and your users expect no less. Expert installers know how difficult it can be to troubleshoot a network to have the outstanding WiFi connection users desire – and this is exactly why WiFi needs artificial intelligence.

Imagine WiFi magically working better than what you’d expect from an expert installation. Imagine automatic network performance optimization. Imagine simplicity. This is our WiFi AI. 

But what is it?

WiFi AI consists of a set of mechanisms that automatically configure your WiFi settings in an optimal way without the need for any intervention. Plasma Cloud’s first step toward implementation of this concept is the auto-channel selection logic. Thanks to this feature, channels are automatically selected to minimize signal interference in your target location. 

How does this work?

You can enable this feature in your Networks Settings of the Plasma Cloud console, under “WiFi Settings”. When enabled, the AI completely takes over channel and HT mode selection: based on data collected about surrounding WiFi networks, the AI will determine the best channels/HT mode settings for all your nodes.

If you have a node that requires a special treat, fear not! Users are always allowed to override channels/HT mode settings of single APs – for all your special use cases.

On the other hand, users should be aware that the AI collects data by instructing the APs to perform several WiFi scans of their surroundings. During this operation, client devices may experience connection drops or slowdowns, therefore the whole procedure is performed exclusively during the planned maintenance window.

Please note: WiFI AI can be enabled only on Access Points running firmwares 3.2.x and up.