Marinas or campgrounds with limited network access? Can’t get the Wi-Fi to reach a specific room in your office? Say no more! Wireless mesh networking is now available with the latest firmware release.

Our engineering team worked tirelessly to build the best wireless mesh for your devices. By focusing on important key aspects we can offer you a product that will never disappoint – what a mesh!

High performance

Plasma Cloud uses B.A.T.M.A.N. protocol for meshing and automatically optimizes traffic flow for very high throughput.

It works on both 2.4 and 5 GHz WiFi radio frequencies. Plasma Cloud’s single-band, dual-band and tri-band Access Points all mesh together seamlessly. Naturally, this feature extends to all migrated third party devices as well – say goodbye to any compatibility issues!


Our mesh has an automated recovery and fail-over built in, meaning it is self-forming and self-healing: when an uplink connection is lost, devices scan their neighborhood for available mesh uplinks and reconnect automatically. Sit back and relax while your devices work for you.


Plasma Cloud gives you the option to disable mesh mode on a per-network and per-device basis. This allows you to increase overall performance in situations where some or all Access Points are wired.

A practical example? Imagine a mixed network mostly made up of wired clients with a single area connected via mesh. This functionality allows you to turn on mesh mode only for those devices in need. Not only can it reduce your network overhead, it also grants full flexibility for all your clients.


Our console offers unmatched visibility into your mesh networks. You will be able to see the multi-hop wireless paths taken by your clients at a glance.

Our network topology maps visualize both mesh routes of your entire network as well as individual mesh links to allow you to fully analyze your network.

Where does a mesh network shine?

Mesh networks are essential in areas where Ethernet cabling cannot exist or might be too expensive or inconvenient to install. 

Campgrounds and marinas are some of the most obvious use cases, as installing a wired network in those environments can be rather impossible. However, even hotels, private homes or large dwellings can greatly benefit from a mesh network, often used as a quick and easy Wi-Fi extension of the existing wired infrastructure.

Wherever you may decide to set up a mesh network – if high performance, reliability, flexibility and visibility is what you seek, make sure it’s a Plasma Cloud mesh!