What’s that? It’s none other than a PA300 for people who want additional flexibility. 

The PA300E comes with 2 external antennas that can be substituted with those of your liking thanks to RP-SMA connectors; all of this while maintaining the same slim and minimal housing format as its twin PA300. This means that its case is also weatherproof and does not require additional outdoor housing!

Thanks to the possibility of swapping the original antennas, this router is suitable for extremely advanced setups. 

Use directional antennas for:

  • point-to-point backhaul links
  • long-range shots

Let the mesh technology bridge your links to remote locations and rely on the cloud for off-site monitoring and troubleshooting.

Alternatively, use sector antennas to widen your coverage area for:

  • marinas
  • camp-sites
  • parks
  • industrial buildings

Full flexibility at a low cost. 

Want to know more? Check out our PA300E product page now!